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From anywhere in the world, it’s simply…easy !

There are a number of international carriers that fly regularly and seamlessly into Arusha, Tanzania. Two airports in Arusha are awaiting your arrival:
Kilimanjaro International Airport is Tanzania’s second international airport from which it is a short 45 minute drive to Arusha, where we begin our journey.

Arusha Airport is a smaller airport conveniently located on the outskirts of Arusha and is a good travel option if you are coming from Dar es Salaam or Zanzibar.

We want you to have the perfect vacation, so we’d like to offer a few travel tips:
To enter Tanzania, you require a valid passport and a visa. The visa, which costs $50 U.S., can be purchased at Kilimanjaro Airport when you arrive, or you can arrange your visa in your home country before your departure. The visa is valid for three months.
Both the Tanzanian Shilling and the U.S. Dollar are widely accepted in Tanzania.  There are ATMs located in the major cities for your convenience.  It is recommended to have U.S. cash on hand for tipping lodge staff, restaurant staff, drivers and guides who have provided service that you would like to acknowledge.

What to wear ?
We suggest you pack light, casual clothing for your trip, and don’t forget a jacket for the cool nights and a hat for those game drives under the radiant African sun! Since we are grounded in strong Christian and Islamic beliefs and culture, please dress conservatively. Shirts that cover your shoulders and longer shorts and skirts are best.
A phrasebook with everyday expressions can be a wonderful way to travel through Tanzania learning a little Swahili along the way!
Don’t forget to pack your camera and binoculars for the game drive!  There will be so much to see and experience!